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Heart Confetti

Where the heart is


Where the heart is: Work
Image by Kishore Ragav Ganesh Kumar


Opens an envelope of warmth, previously not felt
Arriving to the destiny of your soul
Becoming whole
Solid, steadfast, trusting self, these walls are good for my health
My being in a natural state, I’m sure you relate.
Have you just felt warm and then safe? And the world can just wait
Sometimes it’s in the atmosphere, a chain of events has brought you here, you just know
Settle, roots down, anchored yet free
Nowhere else to be
The wants and desires slip away,

Roller Skates


I'm a peculiar Mancunian

I love these hills but I grew up playing out on the street

We had no stair carpet for a time it was freezing under your feet

We shared the bath water after

 to save money but what laughter

Our jacuzzi was just air bubbles cross my heart

Me and my brothers memories though are all about farts

I loved a Milky Way but not before tea or there'd be hell to pay you see

The Rag and Bone man we all called him the Bogey Man

We all ran after Corona imagine that! The fizzy pop in a bottle not a can

The lorry man shouted "bottles please" and then we'd choose

Siss Prat Prit , Limeade if you lose

Imagine this generation with Fizz on tap and in cans , they'd think it seriously bleak

Two bottles in a week

I never ate my crusts, cos my Grandad said I must, they'd give me curly hair and put hairs on my chest

Who wants to be a woman with a hairy breast?

We played knock a door and run, that'd drive me mad now and we thought it was such good fun

We had a Chippy, a grocer, a butcher,and  a paper shop over the road

Not big supermarkets , you're lucky if you've got a local shop

Be told!

Me brother had a grifter, I had my mums old bike called Pegasus

I loved it though, there was no competition between us

Now you've all got to have the same 

Check the price and what's the name?

I was never in Fashion

Even now its not my passion, we couldn't afford it anyway

We had no phones we'd just  go out on roller skates and play

We argued face to face

None of this hiding in Cyberspace

Keyboard warrior? Shout your mouth off where I'm coming from

Never had a limo or a Prom

I'm proper on my box now aren't I John ?

Thinking Man


I never forgot

I just never said

The words were all in there

But they stayed in my head

I ponder it over and over again

Should I have said those words and if so when?

I never forgot

I just didn't remember 

Was it your birthday sometime late in December?

We didn't need expression or stuff for show

Was that the reason then that you let me go?

I never forgot

I just didn't look in on you

I thought you'd always be there

That's just my romantic view

Now I'm looking at you leaving as I'm sitting in a pew

I'll never forget

What it is to regret

But this is my lot

To be the one all forgot

China Tea Cup


She wasn't everyones cup of tea

She was never anyones mug

She was the generation that bristled

From too much sentiment or even just a hug

She didn't believe in equality if she wanted to love you more she did

She always gave me treats and presents

But never did the same for Our Kid

I can only represent her as she was with me

Growing up you're not everyones favourite girl

She treated me like I was meant to be

I had a job with her when I was only 6 helping out in the grocers shop

I had a great time there selling fruit and Veg and I could chat to people non stop

When I was older and I stayed over after many a clubbing night

She'd be up waiting for me and we'd talk all night til it was nearly light

We had lots of chats but of her early life I wish I had asked her more

She was an only child I think thats why she ended up with four

She was the Matriarch of the family we all saw each other because of her

I did the family tree and found out secrecy I wish I could have told her about

I would have liked her to see how we've ended up and how my kids have grown

I often think about how after her husband died she did forty years on her own

To lighter things that I associate with her

The crusty cob pie with an oxo gravy on top

Taking me to Bingo, letting me try my first lager, giving me the pen to do the dots

Playing Jacks behind her house and seeing her teeth in a pot

Saying things like"Oh our John your insides must be rotten"

Holding her nose from the stink of feet that George had had his socks on

She had a cheeky grin sometimes there

was an air of mischief

Its been a long time since I've seen her she was one of my first real tastes of grief

I like to think that she's watched over me

I've even felt her there a time or two

I've only one regret its when you left this world

I wish I could have been with you

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