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Dolphin at Sea

The Voice Of


The voice of: Work
Image by Rudney Uezu

Be My Voice

Just remember I have no choice
That makes you important to me, because you ARE my voice
We live in harmony and we keep your world green
I see trophy’s, cages glass walls, turnstiles, places we shouldn’t be seen
Free in the wild is all that we need
The circle of natural life and death is our only creed
You can live where you want I don’t endanger your home
I won’t mess up my room we live eat and play in our hopefully clean zone
You call us animals, a term you use as a derogatory
But we don’t take life so frivolously
All we ask is to be free, to wander as we ever have done
With your trophy what have you won?
You litter endanger, pollute, capture and create fear
Come see us in our home, but keep your distance. Respect us and please not too near
Just remember that we have no choice
We are important
Now go be my voice!!

Image by YUCAR FotoGrafik


Think of the sea as your oxygen

And the life in it cleaning your air

Think of the whales and 

the dolphins imagine a world without them there

Think of the turtles importance their role in the eco systemhealth

They’re living fossil memories not by product catch or accessories to add to your wealth 

And What of the shark lying finless who drowns  in its own atmosphere 

All For the want of a food chain 

someone’s takeaway  and a beer 

Think of the climate that’s changing and taking the homes from the ice 

I only saw a polar bear on an ice cube 

But years later in its real home that’d be nice 

Imagine what’s changing is not just the climate and not just the quality of air 

Imagine the sea without creatures 

A world of despair 

Imagine it’s you that’s changing and you think before you eat , watch a show or wear 

Why don’t you look at the sea and be grateful and from this minute  plan to leave as you find 




Has this planted a seed in your mind ?? 

Ladybug Journey

Bertie the Bug in Lockdown

Bertie the bug would indeed have loved a hug

But the lockdown meant that nobody could

There’s a 2 metre rule

When you get back to school, there’ll be tape around your place

Own your own space

You can still smile and tell a joke

You can still laugh and you can play

Keep your distance though it’s safer that way

Bertie says be aware, wash or sanitize your hands after anything you share

It’s so strange to be apart from all the friends and people in your heart

Just remember that they’re all still there

Bertie says show them different ways you care

Bertie drew his friends a picture and he sent it in the post

He wrote a funny story and emailed it to the family and friends he loved the most

In school he helped his friend with maths across the table space

And though the distance is so weird

Bertie keeps the smile on his face

The world can change as people grow

Life can sometimes be hard you know

Just imagine that you are holding hands

Send positive thoughts out with your smile and Bertie says you already know

After the storm moves away and the raindrops stop

Look out! Here comes the rainbow……..

Whale Research

Humpback Whale

Humpback Whale, I came in Peace
I leave with love and respect
And 3 million more things to reflect
You gave me tail flukes, breached high
Pec slapped a wave, was it to me or  to the sky?
You spy hopped into view
Who viewed who?
I imagine you raise your eyes up to the sky
We know so little of what you do, who you are and why?
I take nothing from you just the memory
I leave you safe in the womb of the sea
But I'm keeping you in my heart now 
And I'm hoping youll always be FREE

Image by Flavio Gasperini

Pass the Gavel

I'm as guilty as any of you who never gave any thought as to why that dolphin's here smiling at me?

Should it be hunted, captured and lose its right to wild and free?

Look again , Do you see?

The Dolphin Project is a collective of people doing what we all should

Raising awareness, fighting for the good

The right to wild and free

Look where they stand with Ric O Barry hand in hand

Taji in a Japanese land

Its not just capture they fight for you to see

Its widescale murder their blood red fills the sea

This they call a red cove day, the sad one the bad one , the one they want to go away

Blue is the colour of the cove when the world is going right

If you don't join in , this is their continuing plight

Back the Dolphin Project, Follow them and share

Teach your children where a dolphin should be 

Thats right safe in the sea

The Dolphins smiling need you to be 

Sharing the Dolphin Project far and wide

Imagine if you did and just one less died?



Ugly is not just about your face
It's about what's inside you and what you bring to any place
How you make others feel
Whether you're fake or real
If your actions are unkind or the nasty thoughts running through your mind
You might see it
You might say it
You might think it
Or you might do
Ugly's not just a four letter word
It can be a reflection of you
Ugly's not a permanent condition
You can change things with an act of contrition
Ugly might need a helping hand
See beyond it's face before you judge and stamp your hand
Don't mark it as forever true
Ugly can change and so can you!

Under the Sea


Surrounded by a quiet air

 Feeling the lapping of the waves

Waiting, are you there?

Bobbing gently on the breeze

Not a sound like we quietly appease

In your territory, in your home

I feel you, I’m not alone

Daring to break under the surface

Rewarded with your presence close to me

You are free

And I am despite everything, where I’m meant to be

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